Der Reise- und Touristik-
führer für die Mosel und
die untere Saar.

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Welcome to the Mosel-Travel-Guide

ArneMosel-d   Our English speaking visitors will find the most important tourist destinations, our "Mosel Highlights", on our English pages. If you would like further information for one of the highlighted resorts, please click on "To home page ... " at the end of the English page.
This takes you to the full page in German, where at the end, under "Informationen", is the address and telephone number of the local tourist office, and by clicking on "...und was los ist in ..." (... and what's happening in ...) you will find special offers for tourists.
For pictures and full information on all of the Mosel towns and villages (in German) click on "Back to the beginning", and look at the maps under "Zur Uebersichtskarte", you can click on any of the destinations named on the maps, or chose from the index of place names under "Zur Ortsliste".

Hoping you will enjoy our short guide to the Mosel.

Arne Houben

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